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A master’s level graduate of Cornell’s prestigious School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Maria Paul completed her undergraduate studies at Marist College, where she was a Presidential Scholar in the interdisciplinary Science of Man program.  She has spent several decades building businesses and relationships.  As a co-founder of The Rarities Group, Inc., she was instrumental in building a 50 million dollar rare coin wholesaler from the ground up. Her grasp of general management issues, especially from the financial and legal perspective, has served her well in this role. In her enterprise with the formation of Entertainment Rarities, she partnered with Sotheby’s and The Platinum Guild in the Women with Heart campaign, raising funds for national charities.  She was also a founder of the Paul Family Fund at Children’s Hospital, Boston.

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Ms. Paul understands the value of communication and presentation in any setting.  Her more recent experience in international business has enabled her to fine-tune her skills in finance, with an ever-vigilant eye towards developing and nurturing key customer and financing relationships across cultures.

It is this experience, combined with a keen organizational style of project management that she brings to the table serving her college placement clients.  She has experience guiding others through the prep school, college, graduate school, and law school processes.  Her ability to establish a clear dialogue with students and parents alike is invaluable in keeping the application procedure a positive and empowering experience.