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Colleagues describe Ms. Paul’s talent as a balance of entrepreneurial drive with an analytical ability to build and organize companies.  Her strategic vision combined with her attention to detail and ability to assess situations quickly can be adapted to the needs of any business.  With experience in startup, turnaround, and high growth environments, she is well suited to aid mid-sized companies with a variety of needs.

Some areas of past projects:

  • Re-branding and growth of a professional services firm, achieving 2x revenue in 2014.  Development of strategic marketing message and team model of service.
  • Securing and managing complex financing relationships, assuring compliance and obtaining more favorable ratio terms.
  • Experience in due diligence process and systems/team transitions post-acquisition.
  • Planning and implementation of new processes, achieving more efficient workflow and maintaining best practices.
  • Spearheaded several troubleshooting efforts for automated systems, partnering with IT teams to drive expedited solutions sensitive to sales timelines.
  • Building policy and process improvements, attaining buy-in across global teams.
  • Fluency with automated contracts systems as well as approval issues in more complex, non-standard sales or partner contracts in technology products.

Ms. Paul’s skill at building effective and motivated teams would make her a versatile contributor to any organization.

“Maria’s success at Envox was due in large part to her business savvy, her ability to finesse situations as required and her ability to work with others up, down and across an organization.”

Leo Casey, President & CEO, Envox Worldwide Inc.  12/11/2008

Ms. Paul is currently accepting new clients with needs in her fields of expertise, especially in startup, turnaround, and growth environments.


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